Hybrid Battery Systems hybrid battery remanufacturing services offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to expensive hybrid battery replacement. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, HBS remanufactured hybrid batteries offer high performance, longevity, exceptional value and an environmentally friendly solution to disposing of old batteries. By remanufacturing your hybrid batteries, you help prevent tons of toxic waste and hazardous chemicals from being disposed of in landfills.

All HBS batteries must endure a rigorous 10 step Quality Control Process to ensure batteries will meet or exceed our stringent performance guidelines. Each unit is individually calibrated and tested to ensure it meets or exceeds O.E. form, fit and function. We disassemble and inspect the battery unit, electronics are cycle tested, individual battery modules are load tested, resistance tested, charged, progressively discharged, recharged, fully discharged, balance charged and reinspected. Any components that do not meet specs are replaced and battery is retested to ensure compliance.

There are many remanufactured hybrid batteries currently being offered on the market, that have extremely high failure rates because they do not perform a thorough diagnostic analysis.

HBS Remanufactured batteries help restore lost power and fuel efficiency, reducing vehicle operating costs.


What is a Hybrid Drive Battery? A Hybrid Drive Battery is a large battery that assists the engine, providing power to maximize fuel economy. It is usually located behind the rear seats.

Why do Hybrid Drive Batteries fail? Like most batteries, Hybrid Drive Batteries fail when they lose their ability to hold a charge.

How can we tell if a Hybrid Drive Battery is failing? The vehicle will typically be less responsive and exhibit reduced fuel economy. It may show no/low charge in the morning when you start driving. Some models will display a warning light on the dash, as well as the battery cooling fan operating constantly at a high speed.

What is the typical cost for replacement through the manufacturer? Dealerships charge approximately $3,500 to $6,500 to replace a Hybrid Drive Battery.

Will the vehicle's Display show the battery is full charged after replacement? Hybrid Batteries rarely show a full charge since they typically operate between 60% and 80% of full charge, to extend battery life.

What will the fuel economy be after we install an HBS battery? Actual fuel economy depends on driving habits, terrain, weather and factors such as engine tune-up, fuel, brakes, etc.

How long should an HBS battery last? Most Hybrid owners get between 80,000 and 200,000 miles from their original batteries. HBS replacement batteries are warrantied for 12 months and 12,000 miles.

Why do you need our old batteries? HBS recycles components of your old battery, which helps the environment by keeping toxic materials and chemicals out of landfills.

* Removing and installing hybrid batteries can be extremely dangerous which could lead to serious or fatal injuries. Hybrid Drive Batteries should only be replaced by a qualified technician.

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